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iPhone dock & USB port

LED Light

Tech Specs


Integrality and productivity -
make your work and life easy and relax

With the development of "The Most Talented Light" or in short,
t'Light, TLight have developed a new LED desk light
we believe deserves to be called innovative.
We had two goals in mind when developing the t'Light:

First, to offer more than just another desk light.
We considered today's lifestyle, which includes the daily use of mobiles phones,
notebooks and tablets.
We also thought of the many iPhone, iPod and iPad users.
So the t'Light reveals its real talent by being your central power supply
for all these devices - right on your desk.

Second, by using the latest LED technology the t'Light not only perfectly illuminates
your desktop but also brings you real energy savings and helps reducing carbon emissions.
The state-of-the-art 7-Watt LED module, which creates a 600 lumens "True Color" light, is one of the highest 90 CRI light sources.
This is one of the lights, which come closest to natural sunlight. In such a lighting environment users can see objects almost in their real colors.

Simplicity - charging your iPhone/iPod/iPad at the same time is easy

The S2x features a built-in Apple Lightning dock,
which can charge all Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPod with Lightning connectors.

USB 2.1 port to charge all Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad

A USB 2.1A port is also built-in on the S2x. This port can also charge
all Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad devices and most smart
phones and tablets.

"Made for iPod," "Made for iPhone," mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to specifically connect to iPods and iPhones and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple's performance standards.
Apple is not responsible for the operation
of the device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod and iPhone may affect wireless performance.
iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod classic, iPod nano and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Truly see the real world by the light of tLight
With the tLight you can see objects' real colors just as with natural sunlight.

Today most people do not recognize the quality of light and the importance of the quality of light.
A good quality of light can provide readers with pleasure and a healthy reading and working environment.

Think about why people are easily feeling tired after a long time of reading books or looking at objects. One of the reasons of course is that the eyes are focusing on a single position for too long. Another main reason is that the light quality is not good enough. When we go out to the natural environment, even looking at things or reading for many hours, we do not get tired eyes. In nature, we are seeing the whole world with the light from the sun. The light quality from the sun is the best, just as the speed of light is the fastest in the universe.

We classify the quality of light by using CRI (Color Reddening Index). Sunlight is 100, which is the perfect light.

The Most Talented Light

For all of our tLight, we designed one of the highest CRI LED modules. All of tLight CRI are higher than 90, which is considered far higher than most of today's lighting.
With a mere 7W of power consumption, the S2x generates 600 lumens of light.
This is powerful enough for users to read books even 2 meters away.
A switch dimmer and on/off switch is built for easy control.

Freely adjust the light angles

90 degrees up and down at any angles
270 degrees left or right at any angles

The Most Talented Light


  • LED Light:LED 7W, 3000K
  • CRI:>90,  True Color
  • Lumen:600
  • Life: >50,000 Hours
  • Dimming:5%-100%
  • Switch:Touch Switch with dimmer
  • Head:Adjustable (90 degrees up and down, 270 degrees left and right)
  • Charging

  • Docking Charger:Iphone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
  • USB(5V.2.1A):iPad, iPhone, iPod Charging
  • Electrical and Operating Requirements

  • Line voltage:100-240V AC
  • Frequency:50Hz to 60Hz, single phase
  • Operating temperature:32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)
  • Relative humidity:5% to 95% noncondensing
  • Material and Finish

  • Aluminum, Silver color
  • Accessories included

  • tLight S2x
    (Base, Arm, 1 set of fixing tool and screw)

    Power Adapter
  • Limited Warranty and Service

  • Your tLight S2x comes with 1 year warranty
  • Packing and Weight

  • Color Box:410 x 240 x 50 mm
  • Weight:2.5 pounds (1.1 kg)
  • PCS/CTN:6pcs
  • 1x40' hold:9960pcs
  • Safety

  • The Most Talented Light
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