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On this website, Tlight Ltd. provides general information about its products and services. This information is to serve as an orientation for interested persons. However, all information on this website is given without any guarantee. Thus, a guarantee or liability in any form, e.g. for the correctness, reliability, completeness and validity of the information is precluded. To obtain further and in particular binding details please do not hesitate to contact us.
Tlight Ltd. reserves the right to change contents on its website at any time without prior notice.
By using the website of Tlight Ltd., the user explicitly accepts the provisions of this disclaimer.
Data Protection

Tlight Ltd. treats the protection of your private data very seriously. We process the personal data acquired during the visit to our website in accordance with the relevant data protection laws. Personal details which are requested on this website are exclusively for personal attention. Any forwarding beyond that to third parties does not take place with the exception of data, which is forwarded to authorities and governmental institutions in the context of forcible national legal regulations. All information is provided voluntarily, however, the provision of certain information may be necessary to comply with the rendering of services.
We point out that data is transferred in an unprotected manner. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that unauthorized parties may have access to the data or that the data may even be tampered with.

Tlight Ltd. allows the user of this website to copy or to exclusively save the presented contents for personal use. The copyrights and all other rights to all contents remain with Tlight Ltd., however.
Legal Regulation

The law of Hong Kong applies. The court of jurisdiction for litigation, which may occur in connection with the use of our websites, is Hong Kong.
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