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t'light Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What's the height? Length of power cable? Weight of this fixture?

A: t'Light size: H405*L250*D100cm/ Powercord: 1.5M/Weight: 1.5kgs.
   t'Light S: H465*L180*D150cm/ Powercord: 1.5M/Weight: 2kgs.  

2. Q: How many colors can you provide?

A: t'Light: Chrome(CH), Nickel(NI), Black(BK), White(WH).
   t'Light S: Black(BK), White(WH), Red(RD).

3. Can t'Light series products support the iPhone 4? If yes, I can place the phone on the dock-contact on top of the unit, or via usb-connector?

A: Yes, t'Light series products can support the iPhone 4. You can place the iPhone 4 on the dock to charge, you can also use the USB cable (provided) to charge another iPhone 4 simultaneously.

4. Q: Do you provide a charging jack for a MacBook Pro?

A: We don't provide the MacBook Pro power connector, however, you can still connect your Macbook Pro to t'Light series products with the power cable provided by manufacturer to charge your MacBook Pro.

5. Q: Does the reading light have to on to motivate charging function or they are separate?

A: The LED reading light and charging functions are separate. You can charge whenever our tlight is on or off.

6. Q: Is a mirror-image version available - so it works better on right side of desk?

A: t'Light series products don't have a mirror-image version for the tLight, however, the LED light is adjustable, left and right, up and down.

7. What is the color temperature of the LED light source at each of the different output voltages? And what's the flux?

A: t'Light: 3500K, 280-320Lm.
   t'Light S: 3000K, ??Lm Max.

8. Can you t'Light support charging Apple laptops. Do you plan to offer a version with a MagSafe charger in any time soon?


9. Q: Is this device wireless or always needs AC connection?

A: It needs AC to be connected.

10. Q: What is the guarantee?

A: 1 year

11. Q: What's the MOQ? Delivery time?

A: We do not have quantity limitation, but different quantity matches different price. Generally,
we would deliver within 3days for shopping online order, 1-2 months for mass orders Max..

12. Q: My new Sony Vaio X laptop power adaptor is 10.5 volt 2.9 amp, is the lowest 12v output 4.5 amp going to be suitable?

A: No, it's not suitable. Please check our voltage table for notebooks before you charge your notebooks.

13. Q: What's the material of t'Light?

A: aluminum, ron, plastic.

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